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Why Your Call Center Needs an Auto Dialer?

Auto dialer software is an essential tool to increase sales and enhance the productivity of your agent. It helps in voice broadcasting, campaign scheduling, reporting, and automatic call distribution. Auto-dialer software is mainly used by call center businesses who want to connect with thousands of people simultaneously, or even used by SaaS(Software as a Service) companies who need to facilitate their customers with a high volume of calls.

Our huge database is equipped with thousands of telephone numbers which can be dialed automatically at high speed. It can further improve your talk time by 300%. An auto dialer is the best communication tool that enables your call center to automate outbound calling and generate leads immediately. Our fully featured auto dialer offers a wide range of pacing options that depend upon the nature of your call campaign and the environment where campaigns are scheduled.

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Auto dialers are one of the most useful tools that generate maximum sales and conversions, approach the right audience and bypass disconnected signals. They can be widely used for any business, which mainly includes customer support services, and can be customized according to the business requirements. This can be a good investment for the sales department.

Solutions provided by VT Dialer

VT dialer offers various solutions to streamline the operations of your call center.

Press 1 campaign is the most effective lead generation marketing method which helps create thousands of leads simultaneously by redirecting the user through ‘press 1’ technique. For live lead generation, contact details will be uploaded, and you will configure the campaign to contact the numbers with an introductory message about your product. The message says, “To communicate with the live agent for more details, press 1”. Auto dialer will transfer the call to the other live agent through IP-PBX. If your prospect will press 1, it means he is more likely to buy the product and wants more details. After that, the campaign will be combined with voicemail detection, and a message can a tailored message will be generated according to the customers’ needs.
Auto dialer software dials thousands of numbers stored in the database and asks customers a set of questions that they can respond to. You can record and schedule your call campaign by using voice recording features. It presents IVR options for polling and interactive surveys. Many large-scale organizations, political parties, and business associated prefer using the survey technique to know the opinions of their followers, or simply to take a customer satisfaction survey. Once the auto-dialer built the survey, all the contact numbers can be easily uploaded, and you will see a campaign created along with the survey and list of uploaded numbers. After that, finally the campaign will be launched, monitored in real-time, and results are displayed on your dialer software.
Auto dialer software solution makes it easy for health practitioners and other service providers to remind the clients about their important upcoming appointments. With auto dialer software, call centers can set daily reminders and send text messages, voice messages or email. After that, the software will simply collect the confirmations by customers using the same channel. An agent can upload different files with personal greetings and setup IVR to deliver the message. It’s helpful to do the whole job, like ‘press 1 if you would like to cancel or change the appointment’. So, the software is beneficial enough for people who need to schedule their appointments or meetings.
Auto dialer launches easy to integrate call conferencing and joins everyone in the same conference to discuss the essential details. So, rather than depending on the audience to join a conference, auto dialer software can automatically upload the list of attendees and set the campaign to launch an appropriate time. Auto dialer calls everyone present in the list and then put everyone into the same conference for discussion. People can be easily placed into the conference call with different options, like an agent can mute the background noise coming from other callers and all the users can smoothly listen to the public speech.
It broadcast promotional and informative messages to spread information about products and services. Telecasting is an effective way, through which you can contact many potential customers and broadcast a promotional message to sell services or products. It simply auto-dials thousands of contact numbers uploaded into the database, and when the user answers the call, auto dialer broadcasts a promotional message. It simply delivers different types of messages which include shipping alerts, problem resolution details, and subscription reminders, etc.
If the public must be notified about any emergency like weather warnings, auto-dialer can help spread messages to the vast audience in a short space of time. Call centers also use the auto-dialer to inform a massive group of audiences about some uncertain happening. The message could be related to anything like to inform the residents of a residential society about a missing child, weather condition, or alerting them about anything that could prove disastrous. This is much like telecasting, as it broadcasts the message to the massive audience and informs them about anything related to products or uncertain situation. First, you need to upload the list of all contacts for sending the emergency broadcasting message. When emergency voice broadcasts the message, it sends out quickly to the masses, unlike voice recordings. Depending on the size and requirement, the emergency broadcast message would be sent to thousands of recipients at once and inform them about the situation quickly. VT dialer’s software can also be used for sending some less urgent notifications, like school closures, weather announcements, road blockage, and other essential notifications.
Collecting debts is a quite challenging task for most of the companies today. VT dialer’s auto dialer software help agents to initiate live conversations, collect debts, and automate call processing. Auto dialer dials hundreds of contacts per hour. Unlike other dialers in the telemarketing companies, agents won’t need to experience an annoying pause before starting the call. Agents can say ‘hello’ to each contact and begin speaking immediately without a single pause. Depending on the nature of your call, it also delivers voicemail, moves the contact to some new folder, adds some important note or tag in just one click. Agents will spend less time on repetitive calling, and more time in collecting debts from the people. VT Dialer offers the best auto dialer system which may ring more than thousands of debtors and put him directly to the debt collection department, where they can give their details and pay their bills. Our auto dialer system is designed to help agents so they can ring up millions of debtors simultaneously, and politely remind them about their debts and also offer an option to ‘press 1’ so they are put through to the debt collection department and tell all the details to clear debts.

Best for handling all Campaigns

Auto dialers are best to run all kinds of campaigns for efficient lead generation.

An auto dialer is the best solution not only for call centers but also for many other businesses which includes banks, libertarian politicians, republican, democrats, and other political organizations that need to run their campaigns for polling and survey. They are the most cost-effective solution and user-friendly, that’s the reason every organization tends to consider auto dialer so they can streamline their calling operations.

Charitable organizations and other major nonprofit companies also use auto dialer. They are using the dialer to announce upcoming events, and ask for donations, so it looks like the best option to serve this purpose. Also, our fully featured auto dialer software is used by many well-known mortgage companies, insurance companies, credit unions, and banks.

Auto dialers are one of the most useful tools that generate maximum sales and conversions, approach the right audience and bypass disconnected signals. They can be widely used for any business, which mainly includes customer support services, and can be customized according to the business requirements. This can be a good investment for the sales department.

Our press 1 dialer, also known as Robo dialer is best suited for handling all kinds of telemarketing campaigns. It helps agents to make contacts with thousands of customers present in the huge database. Our auto dialer can deliver pre-recorded sales or informational message hundreds of outgoing phone lines and can dial thousands of calls per hour without any delay and connects with live contacts only.

When the recipient will receive their pre-recorded informational message, they will have an option to press 1 so they can be transferred to the live agent, or press 2 for resolving the issue instantly, or press 3 to be added into the DNC list. Since our press 1 dialer is web-based and hosted, it does not need separate telephone lines besides the phone numbers of the people who are transferred through press 1.

An agent will have a complete administrative login solution which allows him to turn on/off the campaign. He can upload the contact lists, enter numbers into the DNC, export sales, record outgoing messages, contact reports and much more.

Our auto dialer software is designed to reduce idle time automatically by targeting the right audience and improving first call resolutions. Its quick system bypasses busy signals, disconnected calls, answering machines, fax machine, unanswered calls, and operator intercepts. VT dialer offers the best automatic dialing mode to run different campaigns in one system and handle smooth calling operations without any potential delay.

VT dialer offers smooth outbound dialing solutions that help agents to manage their contacts quickly & effectively. Agents will have complete access to highly accurate user data and automated workflows so they can reduce call handling time and deal with their customers in a more user-friendly way. We also have increased outbound call handling capacity that made it easy for agents to communicate smoothly with their target audience without wasting a minute. Our feature-rich auto dialer software helps you get the most out of every interaction. You can handle bulk call volume, collect and analyze the details of every call. This help agents to track and monitor their call performance and help focus on other areas that need improvement.

VT dialer offers you an opportunity to transform your call center operations with their advanced auto dialer software so an agent can generate multiple leads and conversions for enhanced business operations. Get in touch today and watch the free demo for smooth call handling.

TCPA Compliant automatic dialing solution

Our auto dialer is a TCPA compliant solution that removes the delays and pauses and keeps dialing more than 100 calls per hour, per agent. That’s the most powerful solution that helps generate quick sales and leads and connect agents to live contacts only. This increase productivity and reduces downtime. It offers:-

Auto Dialer efficiently tracks and observes live calls and monitor the data from options present on the dashboards. One can search for particular options and recordings by the name of customer, agent’s name and multiple other ways.

Call blending or call forwarding is also a user-friendly option present in our auto dialer that sends inbound traffic quickly, and calls can never be neglected by the agents. So, if multiple calls are coming in at once, then that overflow will directly be routed to the relevant agent for closing.

Our technical support agents are not hard to approach; they work here in the office to deal with all kinds of customer complaints and complications. Our professionals have created a simple, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface which can be easily understandable by every agent. If an auto dialer is unable to integrate with your CRM, our team will do the best to figure out and find out the solution. We are here to guide you step by step; you can check out the demo page and get complete details about using the software.