Auto Dialer For Press One Campaign

VT Dialer offers fully featured auto dialer software for press one campaign that dials thousands of calls simultaneously, saves time, reduce costs and bring in more profits.


Our auto dialer offers unique features that increase productivity and 2x your conversions as compared to manual dialing.

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IVR (Voice Broadcasting)

Reach millions of customers at once to generate quick leads & sales.

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Live Call Transfers

Bypass busy signals and dropped calls and only connect with live users.

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Outbound Campaigns

Schedule automatic campaigns to start, stop or restart at any time of the day.

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Duplicate Checking

Sort out the list and support internal and external do not call lists.


Agents can work using feature rich agent portal and can easily monitor and optimize the performance through online dashboard.

Results Expected from our Auto Dialer software solution

If you are looking for a hosted auto dialer software solution to generate sales and leads, and that can keep you in contact with the customers 24/7, VT dialer is the right choice for you. VT Dialer is also compatible with debt collection solutions and voice broadcasting. We help you set up a press-1 campaign to engage more & more users with your services. Create your account today and let our professionals deal with your business needs.

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Increase sales without costs

When you decide to streamline your operations and move your communication efforts to VT Dialer, you do not need to worry about heavy investment, large hardware costs, and expensive software integration. Because we don’t offer any hidden charges and work smoothly with all small- and large-scale enterprises. Just pay for what you are using and enjoy the benefits of our fully featured software solution.

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Try our hosted call center dialer today!

If your sales team is failed to generate quick leads and conversions, they may be lacking a ‘much needed’ hosted auto dialer solution. The software can simply connect you with your prospects efficiently. Your sales department could immediately go from a lame dolphin to highly energized and motivated sales team overnight. We turn your sales team into a phone burner.

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How to use our VT Dialer?

Our VT Dialer is quite easy to use. Upload a list of contacts and create a campaign. You can easily export your contact using CRM. Then start the campaign. VT Dialer will automatically dial thousands of numbers present in the list. And it will allow the agents to make the calls anywhere in the world.

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One Auto Dialer for all business needs

Free up your agents from repetitive calling and let them focus on high-value activities with our all in one auto dialer solution.

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Our automated dialer minimizes agent downtime and increase call handling efficiency that enhance agent’s productivity. It further allows outbound conferencing, voice broadcasting, voicemail detection, telecasting, debt collection and much more.



VT dialer helps you reach thousands of contacts automatically by saving significant time and money. It helps improve efficiency, generate efficient leads, helps in debt collection, duplicate number checking, VoIP carriers and offer multiple benefits.



With our automated dialer software solution, you can increase your sales over 200%. Agents can spend more time with talking to live prospects which leads to more sales and higher revenue gains.


There may be tons of great call center dialers available out there. But our VT Dialer software solution is one of the most frequently used software that can help you experience a significant increase not only in terms of sales & leads but also increase the number of live customers within seconds. With our hosted auto dialer solution, the agent can reduce their idle time, and dial more calls to connect with live users daily.


If you want to scale up your outbound calling for your call center business, have a look at some of the benefits offered by VT dialer:

Maximum agents’

Enhanced customer

Quality assurance and compliance

Improved call center


300% more live calls
per day

Process large

Reduce operational

Auto Dialer Software Management

This software works as a best lead management, lead generation and sales acceleration tool which can take your sales to the next level. The technology does not only improve agent’s productivity but also help you reach more contacts, answer multiple live calls, skip busy contacts, schedule campaigns, provide detailed reporting, set reminders and much more!

Manage Campaign.


For professionals like me who are not so technically inclined, VT dialer is the best place where you can grow your business in a short time as their dialer technology has multiple features which are hard to find at one place.


VT Dialer is a wonderful software that helped me improve my sales to 2x, the best part about working with them is their exceptional customer support and also trained my agents to configure the technical details about the software.


Auto dialer is by far the best software that helps in appointment reminders, which is definitely an amazing feature for small businesses. I really appreciate the efforts of VT dialer’s team who offered me wonderful helps throughout.

Mary Frances

VT dialer have simply blown away the other dialers in the call center industry as their software has multiple wonderful features that proved more than beneficial for my business. Thanks a lot for making the deal easy for me.


I really liked the features of their auto dialer; and specially I loved the feature that allowed me to leave a custom voicemail drop. And not only that, I could also switch between different caller ID’s. I would like to thank the whole team for their efforts.

Nancy Blair

I absolutely love the services of VT dialer team. You and your team have been excellent and helped me increase the revenue of my call center. I would definitely recommend the services to call centers who want to grow instant revenue with this software.


I am so impressed with your auto dialer software as it has everything that one could ask for their call center business. I can instantly approach right audience with the combination of its amazing features. I would highly recommend. Thanks!

Talk to more Prospects

Want to save more time? Speed dial through a list of contacts and avoid a tedious and tiresome task of manual dialing. Connect with us today for a profitable growth!

Start your campaign Today!

Click and import your contacts onto the auto dialer dashboard and start making thousands of calls simultaneously in no time. VT dialer will show you the live results of your campaign!


Get answers to Frequently asked questions about our auto dialer software solution and build an ideal customer base.

An automated dialer can reduce agent’s idle time by connecting them with live users only and skip all unanswered contacts. It enhances the agent’s productivity and helps them make more customers in a short time.
It depends on your requirements, according to average results, an agent can make 1 call in a minute, and 60 calls in one hour. The process is a bit similar to human agents making calls manually. First, it dials, then waits for the live user to pick up the call. And if it encounters voicemail detection, it would listen to the whole message and deliver the voice message.
The call can be initiated from the computer housing an auto dialer software. You can initiate the session from computer or cell phone remotely or can copy a file into a specified directory for making the quick automatic call.
If you have to approach some smaller groups, you can double up the phone lines. Or if you are connected to any small group, you could easily double-up on one of the regular phone lines and then dial calls after some hours. If you have a large group with more than 500 members, you can prefer dedicating a line.
There are plenty of amazing features offered by VT dialer’s software. It includes DNC, campaign scheduling, reporting, IVR, campaign editing, live call transfer and many more.
Auto dialer uses VoIP to make calls. It also uses the phone lines, so the computer resembles a powerful telephone. For large-sized corporations, VT dialer’s software will be connected to your phone system with the IP extensions. And calls are easily made through IP PBX system.
Auto dialer can dial calls automatically without predicting an agent’s availability. But in case of a predictive dialer, the calls will only be dialed if an agent is free to talk. Both types of dialers are used frequently in call centers as these are good to generate enough sales and leads.
For using an auto dialer for calling, you just need a stable and working system, headset and speedy internet. Today computers and laptops already have enough space to handle some common usage. If you need us to check if your system is stable for auto dialer, just give us a call and our technical team will get back to you.
Press 1 campaign can be created with auto dialer which compels the user to press a key to talk to the relevant agent. The best thing about the campaign is, your agents will only need to talk with the user they want.
You can request to watch a live demo to get assistance in setting up your account which will help you to make calls easily.
There are some specific laws which are only applied to telemarketers or agents while calling customers. There are basically two major federal government firms that enforce federal Auto dialer Law. These agencies are the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). There are also some state laws which are only applied to a specific state. We follow all the laws and regulations and make sure it is not going against a customer in any regard.
You can create your account on VT dialer, and purchase a fully featured auto dialer software designed for all kinds of calling needs. In order to use it, import the call list, set an audio message and click to dial as many calls as want.
Auto dialer is best for the industries making sales calls, generating quick leads, managing customer support calls, and donation calls. If your business requires books appointments over the phone, the software is still best for you. It is best for the industries that spend plenty of time making phone calls. It has the best impacts on your business operations because you instantly start generating thousands of leads in a short time period.
Costs factors depend on numbers of phone lines and agents you are using. If you have 1 phone line, you can only make 1 call at a time. But if you have 2 phone lines, you can simply make 2 calls at the same time. Similarly, if you have 1000 phone lines, you can get yourself connected with 1000 people at the same exact moment. For more ideas, you can check out pricing page and let our professionals deal with your auto dialer needs.

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