Training Videos

Learn how you can leverage our auto dialer features & functionalities with the help of these video tutorials.

Basic Trainings

  • Creating Press 1 campaigns

    Create press 1 survey campaigns that can help you generate leads by calling your prospect and inviting them to press 1 to get more details from another agent.

  • Upload contact list into VT dialer

    Upload custom data into the phonebook, import all the numbers into the auto-dialers phonebook for launching campaigns.

  • Create a Video Broadcast Campaign

    Configure the voice broadcast campaign by adjusting general settings, dialer settings, voicemail detection, and extra settings, etc.

Analytics & Reporting

Auto-dialer cannot only setup live campaigns but also helps in cumulative reporting and can be downloaded for detailed analysis.

Advanced Trainings

  • Power Dialer

    Power dialing mode can be used for direct call transfers like if a live user will answer the call, it will be transferred to the agent for generating live leads.

  • Phone Survey

    With auto dialing, you can send a survey to all the contacts in the list, and your respondents will respond back with their opinion.

  • Scalability

    Software designed to suit all kinds of business requirements and dial thousands of concurrent calls at the click of a button.

Debt collection Software

Auto dialer sets up the campaign to remind people about their overdue payments through the debt collection software.

Do Not Call Lists (DNC)

The DNC function in auto dialer allows adding multiple numbers to the list which should not be contacted for the future.

Voicemail solution

Auto dialer sets up a voicemail campaign, that delivers several voice messages to the contacts as part of their lead generation process.