Our Auto Dialer features include live call transfer, voicemail detection, IVR, campaingn scheduling, phone survey and many more.

Our Strategically Integrated Features

We have a list of strategically integrated features which includes automatic call distribution that can manage multiple calls and intelligently route the inbound calls to the right department.

Other than that, it has time boundary feature, through which an auto dialer can put restriction to the call according to the different time zones of US states.

Auto dialer also offers best dynamic caller ID feature that can help switch from one outbound number to another. Moreover, agents can simply edit campaigns and make desired configuration changes in the live campaign without giving a pause. You can also schedule campaigns to start, stop or restart at any time of the day. In order to deal with duplicate number checking, auto dialer simply checks and skips duplicate numbers while automatically making calls.

Among all, reporting matters also, which monitor the performance of the campaign in real time with detailed reports and analytics. Similarly, if you use integrated IVR, the auto dialer can send messages, notifications, alerts, and promotions to potential customers.

Live Transfers

With auto-dialer, an agent can setup press 1 campaign to transfer the live call for closing sales.

Voicemail Detection

Auto dialer skips voicemails and answering machines and only connects with live callers.


Auto dialer launches surveys and ask the respondents to leave opinions by pressing a key.


An agent can import thousands of numbers into the ‘Do-Not-Call’ list while handling calls.

Multiple SIP Trunks

The software supports multiple SIP trunks, like each campaign, can use more than 1 SIP.

List Management

Sort out the list by number & names in one campaign, and clean the list by removing duplicate numbers.