What is Robocall Software and How it Works?

24th Sep 2019

Robocall software
A robocall is a software that automatically dials a phone call and delivers a pre-recorded message to thousands of contacts at once.

The software is mainly used for handling emergency notifications that warn a large group of people about some important issue. It includes anything from delivering dramatic weather announcements to events and school closures.

Similarly, many call centers and telemarketing companies are taking the benefit of robocall software for handling market research and political campaigns. The customer can also interact with those messages by pressing specific keys.

For many large-scale organizations and call centers, this software is the most cost-effective method of receiving an important announcement out to millions of people.

How does Robocall software work?

Robocall software solution helps you create ‘survey or voice broadcasting’ which mainly consists of a message about whether to promote the product or deliver an important announcement.

After delivering the message, it urges your prospect to press 1 on their dialing pad to respond to your message or announcement.

This could also work well for launching a political campaign that asks their electorate if they are voting or not and if they are, then who is best to vote for. It might be a good alternative to do market research and voicing opinions about which product is good to use.

An agent can also personalize the message and add text to speech option which can be utilized to address their contacts with there and to impart other relevant private information.

Contacts can be simply uploaded from various credible sources to develop thousands of connections.
Finally, with robocall software, a campaign can be created ties together your contacts to be called and surveys.

These campaigns control certain elements which include how to dial faster, whether to re-dial calls which were failed to connect, ring back people who have abandoned the survey, and schedule when to make contacts so the customers won’t feel disturbed.
It also considers the time zone of the contact you are connecting.

To run the campaigns successfully and smoothly, the DNC list may be used. DNC basically stands for the do-not-call list which consists of people who have withdrawn themselves to be called for any kind of promotion or survey.

Finally, at the end of every campaign, the survey results can be simply available on the screen and can be downloaded for a detailed analysis.

Legal considerations associated with Robocall software:

The use of Robocall software solution has been tightly controlled in many countries. So, if you are a call center, its important to make sure that you are complying with all the terms, legal regulations and laws.

The laws and regulations usually change depending on the subject of robocall. However, you might feel surprised to know that political messages are not tightly controlled as compared to marketing messages in many countries.

Moreover, users need prior information to be called. For example, in emergency situations, a user will need to sign up for getting messages about important announcements.

Therefore, for every call center business, it's important to contact their leads in the best manner by considering all the terms of the law.
If you need more information for setting up press 1 campaigns with robocall software, contact VT dialer professionals for detailed guidelines.