What is Dialer software and what are its different types?

24th Sep 2019

Dialer software
Dialer software is the best sales acceleration tool that can dial thousands of numbers automatically without any delay. It connects agents to the right person immediately and creates enough sales in a short time. It eliminates the hustle of dialing numbers manually and removes the frustration if an agent encounters call hold related issues.

That’s the reason, using efficient and fully featured dialer software can produce an amazing increase in productivity and give more reliable & long-term results.
The best attribute of dialer software is, it can automate all kinds of business processes and streamline the operations more effectively.

There are lots of types used to describe dialers, which mainly includes power dialer, predictive dialers, auto dialer, power dialer, preview dialer, and progressive dialer. All these dialers have common functionality but different features that maintain the workflow and offer smooth results.

Auto Dialer:

An auto dialer is one of the most frequently used dialer software in call centers and telemarketing businesses. This type of dialer software can dial thousands of calls in seconds and connect the agent to the live user only. Because it skips all disconnected, busy and unanswered calls. So, it automatically reduces the agent’s idle time and he will only be connected with the live user which mainly increases productivity and produce reliable results.

Predictive dialer:

We use the word ‘predictive’ when we have to decide how many outbound calls are supposed to dial and when another call should be dialed based on the agent’s availability. This is another frequently used technology in the call center, especially large call centers tend to rely on the technique as they have to deal with thousands of customers daily for lead generation.

Power dialer:

Power dialer software is less meaningless and less effective in practice which means that it sets some simple control on outbound calls made by an agent. It also means that dialing would be automated with power dialer, but no form of dialing would be adaptive or predictive. The word ‘power’ was introduced more for marketing solutions.

We can simply apply any kind of dialing behavior that is right according to our business requirements and can change every aspect of how it works.

Progressive dialer:

Progressive dialers do not work like predictive dialers which are based on agent’s availability, they don’t have an option to dial calls predictively. After completing the previous call, the system automatically dials the next number present on the list. This simply removes the wait time between calls and enhance an agent’s productivity in a short time.

This is best in the environment where all the calls are simple in nature and agents benefit when the system is ready to make the next call for them.

Preview Dialer:

With preview dialing software, an agent can check out the next number after finishing up with the previous one. Agents can simply be well-prepared before dialing next call. There are no hassles of dialing calls manually. For instance, if an agent is contacting the customer about debt collection, then he must be able to define the strategy before speaking to the prospect.

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