5 Unique Features of Auto-dialer Software

24th Sep 2019

Auto dialer software
An auto Dialer is a cloud-based call center software which doesn’t require expensive equipment and probably quite easy to use. Agents can simply log in from anywhere, however, they must have a high-speed internet connection, headset, and computer.

It’s a great option for call center businesses who want to generate live transfer leads through press 1 campaign. But it doesn’t consist only on those random features which are the part of every auto dialer software. It can be customized well according to your business needs.

VT dialer has recently launched its own auto dialer which consists of different unique features that can immediately boost the growth of your business.

Edit existing campaigns:

If you are stressed for time and couldn’t manage to stop and edit the campaign from the start, you can simply edit your live campaign and can make certain changes. There could be different possible reasons to edit the live campaign, for example, if you want to rename the campaign, edit description, limit users, change calling hours or switch to another caller ID, then you don’t need to worry as, with this feature of auto dialer, you can simply do whatever you want during the live campaign.

Schedule campaigns:

Campaign scheduling allows agents to schedule the campaigns and ensure that a high number of people are responding to their automatic calls. The auto dialer also makes sure that it’s not disturbing the customers by randomly calling them at wee hours or during office hours. Agents can simply set up different campaigns and then schedule them to start, pause or stop on a particular date and time, they can even set the right day for their campaign. These campaigns will automatically start or stop on any specific time of the day.

Duplicate phone number check:

An autodialer is intelligent enough to sort out the duplicate numbers while handling calls. It automatically adds contacts to the DNC (do-not-call) list, you can upload the list of all the desired contacts if you don’t want to add them into the dialing list. This is basically done to avoid calling customers who don’t want to receive your calls in the future.

Analytics and reporting:

This is another incredible feature offered by auto dialer software. With this feature, an agent can simply monitor the overall progress as well as the performance of the campaigns in real-time along with some detailed analytics and reports that can be probably downloaded for complete analysis.

IVR (voice broadcasting):

IVR is particularly designed for making outbound calls, which is most often used for marketing campaigns, however, can also be used as an emergency broadcasting solution.

An IVR feature of auto dialer has observed as a very successful, cost-effective and popular marketing technique which can generate leads, engage customers and deliver important information to the vast audience in a short space of time.

VT dialer offers different unique and user-friendly features to handle your campaigns. If you are interested in considering one of the above-mentioned features, set up your auto dialer software today or visit the demo page to learn more about the benefits of an auto dialer.