This Fully- Featured Auto Dialer Can Change the Way your Call Center Works

24th Sep 2019

auto dialer by vt dialer
Each minute, each second counts!

Especially if you are a business owner and belong to a call center industry, where you have to interact with thousands of prospects daily; and you have no magical technology to connect with large audience simultaneously.

Yes, that’s true. Without having a technology that helps generate multiple leads is a BIG failure for your business.

So, what could be that wonderful technology that converts millions of people into customers in just a short window of time?

Auto dialer- a customized profitable technology for lead generation

Auto dialer- which is undoubtedly a profitable advanced technique that is also the best alternative to manual dialing, through which can dial thousands of numbers automatically without a single delay by skipping busy, dead or unanswered numbers.

If a piece of technology fails to show its worth, then it immediately was thrown out.

But not in the case with Auto dialer. Why?

Because auto dialer has already proven its worth a long time ago when manual dialing was dead a few years back.
The real challenge was to dial millions of calls automatically and connect with live users only. It should skip disconnected, busy and unanswered numbers and proceed with the next live number.

Now, the problem with manual dialing is, an agent can’t dial thousands of numbers daily. Let suppose if they manage to dial 400 numbers in a day, then it would be a possibility of making several errors which include skipping a digit or dialing a wrong number which could further lead them into a lot more frustration. And the end result is zero with several confusions and delays.

This is probably the worst scenario an agent can deal with.

To overcome this problem, an agent can use the auto-dialer to boost his performance and enhance productivity.

As it helps in lots of aspects which include:

·       Run campaigns:
With auto dialer software, you can simply run multiple automated campaigns. You only need to provide a list of numbers you want to approach and a voicemail. Then a system will do the rest and make contacts automatically without a delay. By utilizing this feature, your prospects can even respond to the campaign message and press 1 or any other targeted key to record their answers.

·       Boosts sales and productivity:
In call centers, time runs out faster and agents have to make quick sales by applying different tools and techniques. Among different challenges in telephone sales, time taken in making different calls can affect the productivity and agents might experience the cumbersome process of dialing multiple sales calls.
However, if you are making calls manually, it would eventually take 25-30 seconds to make every call. So, if your calls are being unanswered, the agent would have to take the note to the number can go back again in the pool for connecting later.

·       Do-not-call list:
An auto dialer can efficiently screen out “do not call” numbers. It cleans up the list and helps agents to add some ‘do-not-call’ numbers to the list so they can avoid the people from irritation. The software also helps the agent in careful recording, maintain perfect communication, track maximum sales, monitor customer history and deliver different data details to the agents for more reliable results.

Auto dialer allows agents to polish their skills and engage customers in a useful and productive conversation that leverage best results. That’s the reason, companies like VT dialer are struggling to provide best call center dialer solutions so they can generate maximum sales and leads in a short time period with cost-effective ways.