Right Practices to follow while using Auto dialer software

24th Sep 2019

Auto dialer software
An auto dialer is the most valuable tool to run outbound campaigns that drives smooth communication between agents and users and also creates more revenue-generating options. But reaching potential customers with auto dialers is not enough unless you are following some better practices to utilize its unique features.

Choosing the right dialing mode:

Auto dialers are meant to serve some specific purpose like decreasing agent’s idle time and dialing thousands of calls per hour. It’s also important to ensure that auto dialer is providing a much productive experience for both agents and users.

Among dialing technology, the auto dialer is the best software that cannot only dial thousands of calls in an hour, but it also connects agents with live users and skips busy disconnected and unanswered calls. It saves agent’s idle time and agent can utilize it better on other activities. You can run multiple marketing campaigns and deliver voicemails to promote your products and services or can use the software for delivering some important announcements.

Predictive dialer works like auto dialer, it dials multiple calls in a minute by skipping busy or disconnected numbers. But unlike auto dialer, it predicts the availability of an agent and dial calls if an agent is available to attend a call. It dials calls from the database and connects agents to live users only. It lacks some features as well which are important part of an auto dialer software. So comparatively, auto dialers have been using more frequently and call center owners can generate more quick sales by connecting to live users only.

Maintain the list of quality calls:

It’s important to maintain a high-quality call list when it comes to run successful outbound campaigns. Call lists which are smaller or filled with a lot of unqualified leads, waste agent’s valuable time and cost them a lot of money as well.

It’s necessary to update call list constantly, remove some unproductive numbers and update with new and qualified numbers. Always remember that a clean database is directly linked with the quality and effectiveness of the outbound campaign.

Using call scripts:

While choosing an auto dialer software, agents can quickly transition from one call to another. It can simply increase the agent’s efficiency; the process could get overwhelming when agents want to communicate with people they want for sales generation.

Call scripting can make the process little easier when agents want to communicate with multiple users and also much necessary for maintaining the call standards. It’s not always important to maintain a word to word script but it is quite good for them to get a reference point during their outbound campaigns.

The purpose of using dialing technologies is to cut down the costs and eliminate extra time and effort. It helps you maintain some organized work area to maximize the benefits by eliminating several distractions. This involves the removal of some unessential alerts like messaging apps on computer and mobile phones. Working in a call center environment, multiple distractions could disturb agents, and maybe lost revenue potential.