Key Benefits of Auto Dialer over Manual Dialing

24th Sep 2019

auto dialer
If you are a call center owner, you must know about auto dialer software, which has uniquely transformed the operations of call centers. This is an outbound calling software that has an ability to dial thousands of numbers from the phone-book.

However, its functions are not as limited as described. Auto-dialers have a lot of amazing features and benefits over manual dialing which is mentioned below:

Refines operations:

Auto dialer assists call centers to run their operations smoothly. Every call center business can simply leverage the software to overcome the shortcomings of manual dialing solution. It includes call drops, additional wait time or dialing incorrect numbers.

Moreover, auto dialer simply detects disconnected, unanswered and busy calls accurately. It simply routes connected calls to the agents which make it more productive to run the functions smoothly.

Above all, it offers myriad of self-service solutions which make it an ideal choice to enhance results.

Increases talk time:

Call centers tend to switch from manual to auto dialing to enhance the agent’s efficiency. Besides dialing the numbers automatically, it simply routes the connected calls to your call center agents.

Hence, it also increases the agent talk and connectivity ratio, simultaneously.

All the call center businesses prefer using progressive dialers to decrease the wait time during calls. And then try connecting the call center agents with relevant customers with already have some information in hand.

Generate promising leads:

An autodialer is a robust tool to generate promising leads for your call center business. It offers reduced talk time and making easy for agents to interact with the customers.

You can customize your auto dialer options and make it according to facilitate all kinds of user information collection by offering them a complete set of self-service solutions.

With auto dialers, managers can simply import multiple contacts from different valuable sources. It helps them in efficient lead generation and management.

Increase lead conversion rate:

In addition to generating more leads, auto dialers also help marketers to enhance lead conversion rate. The new age automatic dialers come with features to facilitate time zone management.

The feature enables marketers to set and adjust the time zone for each marketing campaign.

The managers can leverage the feature to call the right customer at the right time. They can further change and adjust the time zone through a simple and interactive dashboard.

Launch Press 1 campaigns:

Auto-Dialers have a lot of self-service options, so it allows users to get relevant information about their desired services without even interacting with the agent.
These solutions help call centers to generate different quality leads by enabling their customers to interact with the agents, after playing the recorded message.

The users can also connect with the live agents by pressing a specific button. Call centers setup press 1 campaigns ideally to promote their services, generate leads and sales conversions.

Call centers can take varying advantages of auto dialer software so they can utilize the solution properly for lead generation and conversions. To learn more about the VT dialer’s auto dialer solution, contact our professionals today.