How to Setup a Phone Survey with Auto Dialer Software?

10th Feb 2020

Phone survey
Auto dialer software has a lot of amazing features that enhance the productivity of the call center in a unique way.

Among those features, auto dialer has a phone survey feature which is used for polling to target thousands of respondents to understand their behavior regarding different issues.

There are numerous uses to launch a phone survey which mainly includes market research for new products or services. It can simply identify the political awareness in voters to track and record the response regarding some specific problems.

How to launch a phone survey?

An auto dialer software dials multiple numbers from the database, and calls to a list of contacts to launch a poll to get peoples opinion. After that, the agent introduces the subject of the poll, and ask several questions from the respondents.

So, with the live interviewer, the answers and opinions of the respondent get marked on their screen. In case of using the auto dialer, the person can simply press a specific button on their phone to record the answer.

Step by step process to launch a phone survey with auto dialer:

Step 1: Upload your contacts

First of all, an agent needs to upload the contact list by using different CRM tools so they can directly import thousands of contacts from the database.

Step 2: Create a compelling script

After importing contacts, an agent needs to add a specific section of the script that will be used to engage and introduce themselves to the respondents. Include every possible reason, cause or even FAQ’s to encounter the customer as they can ask anything to explore the purpose of your phone survey.

Step 3: Add essential survey questions

In the next step, you need to add a group of essential questions like the multiple-choice answers so people can answer more easily and appropriately.

Step 4: Collect data

To mark the result of your call, it’s important to use call dispositions.

With that, you can easily track and monitor the bad numbers, rejected calls, people who don’t understand your language, busy or business numbers, and voicemail detections.

In case of answering machines, the unanswered calls, as well as call back requests, you can enter the numbers to the retry queue. Also, you need to make sure that you are adding the time interval of at least 4 hours before your contact calls you again.

The first call that is picked by a customer and handled correctly will be transferred to another sales agent for closing.

Step 5: Assign agents

Now, use the email addresses of the interviews so you can assign them to a phone survey campaign. After that, agents will start getting invitations to join the campaign and make phone calls.

Step 6: Export the results

Once you finish setting up the campaign, it’s time to export all the results on the spreadsheet for making a detailed analysis.
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