How to Know- and what to do if your call center dialer is not helping you?

24th Sep 2019

Call center dialer
Operating a call center smoothly is such a big challenge these days because you have to work with many technologies to maintain the best health of your business. And undoubtedly, a good call center dialer software is the most important need to maintain better customer support services.

However, many call centers that rely heavily on this software are still unaware about many features and elements like what to do if they are using the right call center dialer, what should be the strategy if the dialer is not helping them achieve their targets.

The fact is, every call center dialer has different unique features which help agents to achieve their goals. Call center dialer which is not capable to deal with different functions or has multiple errors and flaws could cost you a lot.

Here are some better ideas to consider when your call center dialer is failing to help you:

Evaluating different types of dialers:

Before you determine the effectiveness of your call center dialer, it’s significant to understand the type of dialer important for your call center.

Auto dialer:

An auto dialer is the most frequently used dialer in the call center operations. It helps dial thousands of calls simultaneously without any delay and skips disconnected, busy and unanswered calls. That’s the reason, auto dialer software is considered as an important tool for generating maximum leads in a short time.

Manual dialer:

At the start of call center business, agents may need to rely on manual dialer first. This is known as the basic method of dialing and also a standard technique to save costs. These dialers are more than the human fingers and phone keypad, so owners don’t need to invest in the costly equipment. Moreover, you will also have no time to show your productivity.

Power and preview dialers:

Power dialers have not been used so extensively in modern era technology. These were mainly the first step toward automation in call center dialing. This is also called the preview dialer since you can easily preview all the details about the contact so you can easily reach out before calling. This type of dialing is good as it helps save maximum time which would eventually dial each contact manually.

Predictive dialers:

Predictive dialers are also been using frequently in the call centers especially if you have a long list of contacts to reach out. If so, a predictive dialer is the best call center dialer available. It simply dials pre-established contacts automatically and gives it the benefit of massive productivity.

There are also few drawbacks to using the predictive dialing method. First, the connection will be initiated between the caller and the user who usually do not answer much of the calls if they are not available. When the caller is matched with the right agent on the call, then there may be some awkward moments of silence. And this would eventually lead to a number of abandoned calls.

What to do when your dialing solution is not enough?

Sometimes, one type of call center dialer is not enough to meet your sales needs, especially if you have a large call center with 80-100 agents. Even the most efficient dialer cannot keep up with the most advanced call center dialer sometimes. In this case, you would also like to consider the multi-platform program which may allow you to use different approaches dialing and receiving calls. This would also boost your productivity and then prevent a great disaster to go wrong with one layer of operations.

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