How to Increase Sales Calls Using VT Dialer’s Auto dialer?

24th Sep 2019

auto dialer
A sales agent often has to manually check out the contact information of his customer by using some heavy hard copies using extensive spreadsheets. The sales representative also required to consider different notes and previous details associated with their customers.

Next, the sales rep needs to dial the number manually on the phone and then proceeds to create his first pitch. After that, during the call, agents have to take notes side by side. This requires multi-tasking, then talking to the lead or prospect to sell them their services or products. And when the call ends, agents proceed again to add different details to conclude the results of the call.

Auto dialer:

VT dialer has created their own customized auto dialer software that helps dial thousands of calls simultaneously at a single click on your laptop or any other device, and simply bypasses busy, disconnected and unanswered calls and only connect agents to the live users.

You can add multiple numbers to the list. Each number would be used by an individual agent. The numbers are not easy to get and can be used but also have various categories for you to consider from toll-free, local, International and others.

Sales agents are better engaged using an auto dialer:

Auto dialer enables you for automating calling, and the idle time spent by the agent waiting to attend calls and then connected after a long time is cut way down. And the idle time spent will be utilized in some more productive work. So, the salesperson will be able to take more calls per hour.

When the salesperson will attend more calls, agent talk time will eventually increase. So, basically, it is not just the number of calls that eventually goes up but also rely on the quality of calls. Some detailed information, as well as notes about the specific customer or prospect, logged into the system. This makes accessing the information more easily and quickly. In turn, it also makes the agent more efficient and productive. They don’t need to spend time looking for data, they will already have it beforehand.

Personalized conversations:

Sales agents tend to spend a lot of time playing catch up with their customers. A significant portion of the call is spent making introductions, fetching for use cases for the customer by making inquiries with them, etc. In an Auto Dialer, all information regarding the customer or lead is logged and available in a single user interface. It takes seconds for the sales agent to catch up on all the information before the call. 

Customers will not require to wait too long to discuss their problems with the agent. They would not have to wait long to communicate for even common problem.
Help your sales agent make more outbound calls with auto dialer software. Schedule your consultation with VT dialer’s professional and get your software for more sales and leads generation.