How Integrated Dialer Works in a Call Center?

24th Sep 2019

integrated dialer
Automatic dialing means that call center agents do not need to spend their precious time into making calls manually, and they can spend maximum time into calling other prospects through automatic dialing solutions.

Automatic dialing has mainly two types, auto dialers and predictive dialers. Both of the software uses algorithm to detect when then agent would be available to attend calls, and also increases the possibility to reach maximum customers at the same time. The purpose of using dialing technology is to waste less time, and spend more time in productive activities. Wasted time can even be reduced by using auto dialer software that can detect answering machines, busy signals, or disconnected numbers.

Dialer concerns:

Although auto dialer software has got much advanced now, there are plenty of call centers that use this technology to make maximum sales and conversions. But this also leads to the concerns about uses and mis-uses of this technology. For example, call centers can even place more calls that cannot be handled efficiently and the calls lead to abandoned or silent calls list.

Uses of dialer technology:

Automatic dialers have been using with all types of business processes. When the customer requests a call back through the website, then it might be possible that this call-back would be processed by auto dialer integrated with powerful CRM, other systems and through company websites.

If the potential customers gets some call to check that they have not becoming a fraud victim, perhaps they get a warning which was automatically created from unusual activity, and it is most likely done by using automatic dialer software.

Automatic dialers are mainly used by sales teams in the call centers, which includes cold calls as well as outbound calling. However, the list of those applied processes is much longer, and goes well even beyond sales, customer rentention, account reactivation, debt collection and proactive customer care are just a couple of names in the category.

How do the integrated dialers work?

There are mainly two approaches adopted for integrating dialers into different channels and systems. The first one is usually called packages dialers that already have some pre-built integrations for frequently used tools, specifically for CRM systems. This typically benefits the small teams as well as some simple use cases.

Thus, the second approach utilizes different significant components of auto dialer and other systems to integrate freely with different neworks. When sales agents want more flexibility and complex solutions requiring for ongoing optimization, the approach will be much preferable.

The basic thing to note down is the dialer itself, the function of making calls and connecting agents with live users. It’s the integration as well as process automation around your auto dialer that can enable the businesses to communicate about customer services and sales.

The best thing about using dialing technology is, you can generate maximum sales in less time period and can save a lot of time and money. That’s the reason, call centers are relying on dialing technology as compared to manual dialing solutions which reduces the possibility of dialing errors as well.