How an Auto Dialer Software Can Save Lots of Money?

24th Sep 2019

Auto dialer software
If you are running a call center and managing a team of agents for increasing productivity, then you must need an auto dialer software that dials thousands of calls simultaneously without any delay. The software bypasses all busy, disconnected and unanswered calls which save agent’s idle time and they automatically save more money and effort while connecting to live users only.

A detailed analysis of auto dialer software:

But I think it's better to have a detailed analysis so you can get an idea about how much money a dialer software can save you.

For example, you are managing a team of 8 call center agents, they are scheduled to make 5 shifts in a week and making almost 25 calls per day for lead generation.
Now that means your agents should be actually making a thousand calls every day and talking to real live users to target their needs.

According to an estimate if 25% of these calls are ringing out, are busy or dialed wrong numbers. Then that 250 calls will not be ended up speaking to any user or converting any lead.

For instance, if your staff is spending is almost 30 seconds during each call having a drink, managing chat or stretch to call. This will be approximately 12 minutes of stretching time for one agent per shift.

This will be calculated as 8 hours of stretching time for the agents for one week. How many sales an agent can handle in 8 hours per week? There would be approximately 200 calls made by the team in 8 hours, and if the calculated conversion rate is 30%, then you must be making 60 sales in the stretching time.

Being a call center owner, you know how valuable are your customers so you can easily work out how much 60 conversions are worth to your small business. This is probably a fair deal.

Auto dialer software can simply dial thousands of calls at once without any delay. And connect to the agents as soon as the call is dialed. The agents won’t need to waste their time by listening to busy, unanswered and disconnected tones. And by doing that, they won’t be wasting 8 hours stretching in a week.

 multiple numbers at once and connect to your agents as soon as someone picks up. Your agents won’t be listening to engaged signals, the phone ringing out, and certainly won’t be spending 8 hours stretching per week (on top of their allocated breaks).

Having a quick solution like auto dialer means you are speaking to a real user every minute without wasting a second. This is helpful in lead generation and most importantly, you can easily convert targeted audience in the right way.

Final thoughts:

The type of dialer software mainly depends on the number of agents in your sales team and the campaign your business plans to execute. A bit of research for choosing the right dialer can help you increase productivity and offer more reliable results as compared to the traditional dialing solution.