Difference between Auto Dialer and Predictive Dialer

24th Sep 2019

auto dialer and predictive dialer
Call center business industry has changed. For increased sales and conversions, call center owners and agents must be armed with some best acceleration tools. To fill the gap, auto dialer and predictive dialer are the best software that can help accelerate the sales process and automate the workflow.
While both the dialing technologies are not much different, but still there are some key differences between these two which can affect sales and lead generation process.

Auto Dialer:

In auto dialer software, you need to upload the list of contacts and start the campaign. After that, the software will dial thousands of numbers automatically without any delay. Without making any mistake, or dialing a wrong number, auto dialer connects agents with right users.
Agents can also utilize the option of saved voicemail if their call is not connected. This eventually allows agents to save maximum time which was wasted earlier in recording and sending a voice message.

Auto dialer is a perfect software for small and large call center or in a remote agent scenario. If there is a single phone line, auto dialer will connect one line at a time. Then agents cannot even miss a single call from the prospects. Single line dialer can easily make more than 90 calls in an hour.
They can have a cool-off time that will ensure that there is a lot of time all the sales agent will have to take a quick look before dialing the next call. Or even to get their mind out from the previous calls. There are also different unique features of auto dialer that can increase the sales exponentially and can offer more enhanced results.

Predictive dialer:

Predictive Dialer uses some algorithms and machine learning techniques to make sure that no time of agents has gone wasted. The predictive dialer also dials thousands of calls simultaneously and connects with only live users. But the software only dials calls when the agent is free to attend and answer the customer.
This simply removes the time wasted in dialing number and then waiting for the call to be answered. If they need an option to drop a voicemail, then the agent can simply send a saved voice message with a single click.

Predictive dialer has some advanced algorithms that can efficiently predict the agent’s availability and also calculate the timings in which the user attends the call. This usually comes with different predictions that are based on the patterns observed in last calls.

Predictive dialer makes thousands of calls simultaneously and connects the agent with the live user only. So, the team of sales agents must be available at the time when the predictive dialer is running the calling campaign. The active calls will then be transferred to the relevant agent and in case if no agent is available, the call is placed in the queue. With different agents handling the call, a business can easily take care of the requirements of every customer.

Small support telemarketing companies, SMB’s and call centers who are looking for personalized conversation with customers can simply use auto dialer and predictive dialer as they are the most efficient sales dialers that can maximize the productivity of your agents. If you need a better suggestion for choosing the right sales dialer, consult with the professionals of VT dialer so they can help you make the right choice.