Choosing Right Call Center Dialer for Smooth Operations

24th Sep 2019

Call center dialer software
Every small business is different from others, but there is one thing which is common in every business, and this is called change. Every business experience multiple change on each stage, especially when it starts growing.

So, if you are in a call center business, you experience daily changes according to the number of customers handling per hour. And after that, the way you are handling calls, change too. That’s why switching to right call center dialer software can help you change the overall strategy and you may be able to run the operations more smoothly and conveniently.

In order to choose a right call center dialer, you need to make a little comparison, so that you can get a clear idea about what industry standards are important to follow, and which is the best choice for your business?

Automatic dialing modes:

In automatic dialing modes, you have several choices to consider, which include:

·       Auto dialer:

Auto dialer software is one of the most frequently used software in the call center industry. With auto dialer, you can easily make thousands of calls simultaneously by skipping busy, disconnected and unanswered calls. The software dials call automatically without any delay and connect agents to live users only. This reduces agent’s downtime by approximately 300% which makes the software best choice among other automatic dialing modes.

·       Predictive dialer:

Predictive dialer works the same as auto dialer. It dials calls automatically and connects agents to live users only. But there is just one difference among two technologies, predictive dialer can dial calls when agent is available to talk.

·       Power IVR:

Automatic IVR solutions tend to outbound all the robocalls. The call will be dialed automatically and then following through a menu of multiple options via some prerecorded messages.

Manual dialing modes:

Manual dialing is considered as the traditional mode of dialing that is more time taking and generate leads slowly.

·       Click to call:

The strategy will generally help you mouse-over and click to call numbers of different websites, spreadsheets and CRM’s.

·       List dialing:

List dialing mode simply allows an agent to search the available call list and the choose some specific contacts to make a call. The call can be made to address different issues such as solving any technical problem, promotion of specific product and targeting the person to share his feedback after using the product.

·       Keypad:

Manual dialing with the help of a keypad can simply allow an agent to type some numbers to make contact. This is time-consuming and there are possibilities to make errors of missing digits.

Bottom line:

There are still some emerging dialing modes that can help agents to connect with users automatically so they can generate instant leads and sales without wasting time. So, if you are ready to make a choice, scan the above-mentioned list and consider the points carefully. VT dialer also specializes to provide customized auto dialer solution, which is equipped with lots of amazing features for quick lead generation.