5 Best Practices to Consider for Press 1 Campaign

24th Sep 2019

Press 1 campaign
Among different amazing features of auto dialer, one key feature is the ability to press 1 key to talk to an agent for sales queries.

Over the past few years, many call centers have been using this feature to launch press 1 campaign so they can generate maximum leads and sales.
This feature helps their businesses grow extensively and make the operations smooth and efficient. Though with the passage of time, call centers are trying to improve this feature and implementing major enhancements.

This article mainly summarizes some common practices discussed by VT dialer professionals.

Transfer calls to the auto dialer software than phone:

Though call transfer to a phone has its own multiple advantages, like it simply allows a call center agent to be anywhere with his cell phone.
But that fact is, it doesn’t allow an agent to get a more detailed information about his customer. Moreover, call notes can never be entered into their system for next follow up.

So, when the call is transferred to the agent software, he can clearly see a complete customer record and his contact history etc.

Opt-out or Do-not-call options:

With auto dialer, an agent can simply use an opt-out option in the call message. This feature can be directly saved to the CRM solution automatically which saves a lot of time. If you are choosing VT dialer’s auto dialer, you can simply configure the new confirmation item.

So, once your do-not-call list numbers are stored on the VT dialer’s CRM, further calls to those numbers would be automatically blocked.

Include call-back numbers for responding to the machine message:

To run press 1 campaigns, especially when running for consumers, most of the calls are automatically answered by answering machines.
Therefore, if you are an agent, adjust your auto dialer to set a call back number in the voice message.

It is also recommended to set your caller ID of this campaign to that call back phone number.

Link the calls to auto dialer’s CRM:

When users will call back to your given number, you must be able to see a screen popup with your user’s CRM record. It’s also possible to do so with IVR. All such types of inbound or outbound software usually popup the user’s call history automatically and CRM record which is based on customer’s ID.
Many call centers also utilize the IVR software system to answer incoming calls. Such automated system can randomly collect different relevant details about the user and then route their call to some most relevant sales executive.

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign:

With auto dialer software, it’s even possible to check some real time statistics, analytics, records and campaign reports. So based on those report results, it’s possible to adjust the campaign message and check what can give you the best and reliable results.
It’s even manageable to run multiple press 1 campaigns, each campaign with its own specific voice message, which can ultimately test other different messages more effectively.

To run a successful press 1 campaign, its recommended to follow the above-mentioned practices that can help you in generating quick leads and sales. For more details, you can approach VT dialer professionals to tackle complicated issues regarding press 1 campaign.