Best Autodialer Software Reviews for 2020 - VT Dialer

27th Jan 2020

Auto Dialer software is designed to dial calls automatically from contacts preloaded by agents in its database. 

If your core focus is to improve your agent’s productivity and overall experience so they can deliver the message better and seal a deal more efficiently, an Auto Dialer is the best way to do it. 

Auto Dialers can call hundreds and thousands of contacts through a pre-fed contact list. This means once you feed a list of numbers into the dialer, you need zero human assistance. The dialer will do the rest of the work. Auto Dialer identifies the calls which are connected and the ones that are not connected or have been transferred to answering machines. The calls that are answered are automatically transferred to available live agents at the other end. Using an Auto Dialer such as a predictive dialer, paired with inbound call handling ensures the derivation of increased benefits to the agent in case of an increase in the customers.

Smart Auto Dialer software is efficient enough to collect touch tones and personalizing messages. Speech engines come in handy when for recognition of speech over the phone and also in conversion of text to speech. For the customization or personalization of messages, a smart Auto Dialer makes use of message templates that include variables that can be replaced later with actual values. For instance, if there is a template with a time variable, it can be replaced with the actual time value of the call being placed.

Auto Dialer Software Features include:

Easy to Access:

In the fast-paced world of today, everybody wants efficiency without any complexity. The same goes for auto-dialers; customers want simple yet efficient processing and minimal complexity when making calls to their customers. It gets really fussy when an agent is already on a call and another incoming call makes its way in and creates an interruption. The callers have to listen to dreary instructions like press 1 for this, press 2 for that and the surety of finding the right solution seems to be lost. Auto Dialer software takes care of this predicament by taking the customer directly to the solution and saving them from waiting for an indefinite time period.

Auto Dialer with CRM:

When an auto dialer software is connected to a CRM, it does wonders for the agents by collecting information and saving it to the database for later usage. It also is reliable and secure when it comes to the safety of the data. Thus, an Auto Dialer with a CRM will take care of many of the problems that generally occur in a call center business.

Functions as a Reporting Tool:

The best auto dialer is known for its capability for providing better services and generating more productivity in a lesser period of time. The Auto Dialer also functions as a reporting tool; it will generate a report of task and function, ensuring the optimization of the agent’s work and certify enhanced productivity. The same reports come to the aid of the call center agents for future queries.

Report and Analysis:

Arguably one of the best features of the auto dialer software is its ability to save a call report with A to Z detail of the call. The reports can be saved in the database for future necessities for example in cases where the details are needed to be disclosed to a customer or department etc. These reports are also useful for analyzing and differentiating the top performers from the struggling members of the team, allowing a better view of the team’s condition. Furthermore, such reports come in handy in the creation of forecasts, spotting trends, setting standards, underlining tutoring openings and reporting to seniors or other shareholders.

Answering Machine-Detector:

Auto Dialer software is an efficient answering machine detector. If it makes a call and detects an answering machine, it immediately disconnects the call, saving time and money. Only after making sure that a call is answered by a real person on the other end, the dialer transfers a call to an available call center agent. This way the agents are able to save more time and focus solely on the calls that connect and the idle time is significantly decreased.

Enhanced Management Coaching

A good Auto Dialer software equips the managers and sales trainers with the tools that are essential to coach and manage their teams in multiple ways. With a good Auto Dialer, managers are able to overhear any of the calls being made. Being able to hear both sides of the conversation, they can easily help, coach and review the sales agent after the call comes to an end. This greatly improves not only the quality of the calls but also perks up the chances of a sales agent closing a deal with much more confidence. Making use of the “whisper mode” the managers cannot only listen to the calls but also speak directly to the sales agent and advise them about certain aspects during the call. On the other hand, the customer has no idea about a mentor or senior person on the line who is examining the call and delivering feedback.

Concluding words

All of the above given features of an Auto Dialer are necessary to ensure the growth of your business, the maximization of your productivity of your team and amplification of profits. The first step is making the decision of investing in an autodialing software. The second most important step that follows is to make sure that the investment is going to a product that offers all of the required features to make sure that the company can take full benefit of it.