Automate your Dental Appointment Reminders with Auto Dialer Software

24th Sep 2019

appointment reminder
Dental appointment reminders have become highly significant for your business, largely because of the busiest lives our patients live. When the patient forgets about his appointment, it couldn’t only lead him to bad dental health, but it can also be much worse for the bottom line. Missed appointments basically mean some wasted and unutilized time slots. Wasted time slots also mean a missed income. That’s the reason using solutions like auto dialer can help reduce these tensions and remind patients about important dental appointments.

In this advanced era, smartphones have also revolutionized small businesses and dental practices. So, when you send them an email or appointment reminder message to their phone, you are most likely them to catch them on time without even disturbing them.

No matter if your patient is at home or at the grocery store, you can easily remind them about their appointment with the dentist, using your auto dialer software. And not only this, with auto dialer, you can even send them a voicemail associated with the software.

That’s the reason, automation has become a vital part of any business whether a call center or a dental clinic. Because when you can use an auto dialer to automate a call to the patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment, you can have a win-win situation.

Stimulate proactive communications:

Dentist appointments usually scheduled months in advance. So, when you set an automatic dental appointment reminder to send out to patients in advance, then you are simply giving them some time to double-check the schedules that are close to their appointment. This enables them to not only refreshing the memory, but they can even request a reschedule if they are not available to the settled date and time. With that, you can also fill in that slot with a person from your waiting list. People appreciate some little extra time to plan. According to results, there are around 85% who want to be proactively reminded of the information related to the companies they are doing businesses with. It genuinely builds customer loyalty and appreciation.

Getting consent before sending reminder:

The idea of providing timely dental appointment reminders always sounds cool and fantastic. But there is just one problem associated, you will need to get their consent in order to receive notices through their preferred communication channel such as text, email, and live call. This easy step would simply ensure that your communications are abode by TCPA where FCC already incorporated their efforts to protect American consumer experiences by sending a 138-page guide book that needs companies to capture and get consent, manage some listed contacts and clarify the functionalities of auto dialer.

When you approach a company like VT dialer for appointment reminder solutions, it gets easy to generate a more loyal customer base in a short time. It further helps you determine the potential customers and their needs. So, if you are a small business and have to deal with daily appointment reminders, the auto dialer is the best solution recommended so far which make your sales easy and effective.