5 Reasons Why AI-powered Customer Services are the Future

24th Sep 2019

AI powered customer services

Key Points:

·       By 2021, almost 80% of the customer interactions will NOT be handled by live agents.
·       Today, 5% of the time is devoted to manual research, but in the future, the customer interactions will get faster and they will have everything beforehand.
·       Solving customer support issues before even arising could eventually lower customer abandonment rates
·        Artificial intelligence and different self-service technologies will free up the agents from tier-1 support, and they will focus on some more key points to close sales quickly.

Self-technologies and customer service automation has been seen everywhere these days that enable users to accomplish multiple tasks from placing an order online to checking luggage at the airport and booking a ticket for the movie. The customer service industry is no exception at all, robotic technology will soon be here to serve users and help solve their queries before even communicating.

Moreover, AI technology will help the agents get their job done quickly and smartly while reducing all the costs. This post outlines five main reasons why AI will take over in the future for enhanced customer support services.

The rise of advanced messaging apps:

Since 2015, there were more and more people using messaging apps. But now the trend has changed, and messaging apps overtook social media smartly. Now beyond communicating with friends and family, people are using different messaging apps so they can interact with brands. Messaging services are undoubtedly a perfect platform to connect with new and future customers. Today businesses have an opportunity to revenue different streams using real-time, and personalized customer service bots within different messaging apps.

One-time training:

Training your staff takes time, money and effort. According to average costs, it takes $5000 or even more to hire customer support agents. And it takes an additional $4500 to train them efficiently. Now, these costs also increase in staff attrition, which is the most frequent problem in every call center. That’s the reason using automation platforms can save a lot of money and time in call center business. Artificial intelligence decreases turnover and offers them the resources that are required to be successful in every platform. For example, a platform like VoIP Terminator can offer all kinds of call center solution and follow advanced instructions to support the industry with its top solutions.

Advanced and self-service software:

The way in which customer support is evolving has already touch heights of success. Further success can be achieved by utilizing advanced software solutions like auto dialer software which dial thousands of calls simultaneously without any delay and skip all busy, disconnected and unanswered numbers. And when the call connects it automatically transferred to the relevant agent. But in the future, it may be possible that the role of agent skips and robotic voice entertain the users and solve their queries.

Innovative technology with great money savings:

Innovative technologies can efficiently deliver some high standards of service with a blend of modern and traditional services at a fraction of costs. A good example to consider is called computerization solutions, which combine speech recognition and learning to make improvements in IVR while saving 60%-70% costs savings outsourced call centers managed by human agents.

Efficient responsiveness:

Automatic technologies can simply deliver some high levels of responsiveness that are not possible for human agents. So, in the future, virtual agents would be able to easily predict your customer's needs and will understand how users will be interacting with your business. If the virtual agents know who your customers are, then it would efficiently deliver all the relevant answers before even customers know that they have questions in mind.