How to Successfully Run a Call Center in a ‘Do-Not-Call’ Environment?

24th Sep 2019

Do not call
Yesterday’s old and traditional call center campaigns have now collided with some new regulations set by authorities. Among those regulations, the ‘Do-not-call’ list feature in auto dialer has almost changed everything in call center landscape.

With this feature, agents can add thousands of phone numbers in their ‘do-not-call’ list. So, they can avoid calling customers who don’t want to hear from them about their services or promotions.

However, it’s a daunting challenge for call centers to grow their businesses in such restricted landscape; where they have to stop approaching people who are not interested in their services.

Yet, business is business, and call centers need to make profits and earn more money in the restricted environment. So, in order to deal with this scenario, consider the following tips to run your call center successfully.

Have a strong strategy to generate leads:

To run successfully, call centers must have a strong game plan and strategy to generate maximum sales and leads. The strategy should be according to the latest trends like how proactively your company is selling products and services.

Using auto dialer, you can have full control over your leads. Like in the past, when people had no access to such advanced software solutions, they converted 11% of their calls only. But today, they can easily convert more than 22% calls.

With the DNC feature of auto dialer software, agents have no access to thousands of numbers. To deal with that, they can change the strategy and rely on other techniques, such as print advertising, direct mail, email marketing and other ways of direct contact. It will certainly improve the chances of success on the call.

Hire better people and follow a strong script:

Once you propose the new strategy for your call center to generate leads, you need a phenomenal team to reach new goals. Only the right people can make a difference. So, the team must be vetted during the hiring procedure.

In the good old days, sales were considered as the most critical element. If someone could dial and sell, owners hire them immediately. But now, the strategy is little changed. Customers want the feeling of ‘touch’ more than ‘push’. Agents need to impress their audience.

And if they won’t, they must have to add their numbers in the “Do Not Call” list. That’s why build a foundation of trust.

Moreover, the script of an agent should also be versatile enough to deal with customers. Good selling involves asking multiple questions and engage the user with their unique communication style.

Tips to keep in mind for success:

·       Call centers should establish a strong strategy and game plan to generate leads
·       They need to hire more efficient employees, train them according to the latest trends, and follow the DNC rules.
·       The marketing plan must be should rely on less ‘power dialing’ method and more on blended communication such as email, telemarketing, and cold calling, etc.
·       Follow the DNC rules to minimize errors and flaws.

Taking the time to build a great strategy for call center success is quite essential especially if the owners and agents are following ‘Do-not-call’ strategy. If you follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines correctly, it will be a win-win scenario for your business and you might be able to build trust and confidence of your customers.