Auto Dialer

Our Auto Dialer features include live call transfer, voicemail detection, IVR, campaingn scheduling, phone survey and many more.

What is Auto Dialer?

Automatic dialers (or auto dialers) are electronic systems that can be programmed to dial a sequential list of numbers and play a pre-recorded message or connect the call to an agent every time the user on the other end picks up.

Auto dialers are multi-featured and technologically superior systems that help companies, public offices and organizations worldwide reach millions of customers for a fraction of the original price, time and labor involved. They help lower agent downtime, increase revenue and efficiency and provide businesses with real-time metrics so they can better optimize their campaigns and conversion rates.

Why Use VT Dialer?

Live Transfers

Connect thousands of prospects to agents in your call center with simple press-one transfers and use the call-center integrated PBX and screen-pop software to access the Caller ID and details of every prospect you engage.

Choose Your own VoIP Provider

Choose the VOIP Provider that best suits your needs, preferences and budget.

Multiple SIP Trunks

The software supports multiple SIP trunks. Each campaign can use more than 1 SIP.

Campaign Optimization

Skip over duplicate, wrong or disconnected numbers, redial numbers that didn’t respond or didn’t finish the survey, and add contacts to a DNC (do not call) list automatically.

Voice Broadcast

Send time-sensitive messages, reminders and alerts to thousands of people.

Comprehensive Reporting

Access 24/7 comprehensive reports on call drop/pick up rates, leads and conversion metrics, how many calls an agent dials during the day or hour and gain valuable insights regarding your prospects and their behavioral patterns to better optimize your campaign.

Contact Management

Cluster and sort numbers into lists based on names, similarities or other preferences and import one or all of your phone books into your campaign.

Phone Surveys And Polls

Design simple or complex multi-level IVR menus for polls and surveys and collect all the quantitative and qualitative data you need by asking people to respond with a key press or a message.

Easy Billing

Pre-paid billing with credit card integration for customer ease and call credit top-ups.

Call Scheduling

Specify the exact starting and ending time of your campaigns and schedule calls based on time zones so you reach your ideal prospect when they’re available to hear from you.

Seamless CallerID Integration

Set a company caller ID so your contacts can phone you back or rotate multiple IDs for outbound calls so you never contact a lead from the same number twice.

Voicemail Detection

Automatically detect and skip over voicemails and answering machines. You can also leave a separate message for voicemails and answering machines if you want.

VT Dialer Works In Three Simple Steps

Upload your list of contacts. You can use an excel sheet or use our built-in CRM to import multiple phone books or contact sheets into your campaign.

Set Your Campaign. Upload the recorded message that will play in every call and configure your campaign by setting up response keys for data collection and specifying the time and date.


Use our 24/7 online dashboard to monitor your campaign live and make tweaks and changes accordingly.

Do More With Vt Dialer’s Multi-Functional Auto Dialers

Emergency Notifications

Send out urgent, emergency notifications to thousands of people. The tool is essential for organizations like schools, government and local committees that need to send out quick, important messages to a large number of people in a short span of time.

Outbound Call Conferencing

Join thousands of people all around the world in the same conference and enjoy noise cancellation and high quality voice exchange.

Appointment Reminders

Send appointment reminders and follow-up confirmation calls and keep a track record of all the RSVPs.

Debt Control And Tracking

Contact debtors regarding overdue accounts and connect them to live agents or use pre-recorded messages to navigate them to the right repayment channels.

Market Research

Conduct complex, quantitative and qualitative market surveys and polls to gain insights from your target customer base for business and political purposes.

Did You Know An Average Salesperson Spends Less Than 36% Of His Time Focusing On Closing A Sale.

Change The Game With Vt Dialer

Drastically Minimize Agent Downtime

VT Dialer’s powerful predictive dialing system ensures customers are connected to available agents as soon as the call connects. No waiting on either side = peak agent productivity.

Live Lead Generation

Eliminate guesswork and stop wasting time on prospects that will never convert. VT Dialer’s press one campaigns pitch your product or service to thousands of prospects in your campaign contact list and those who are interested ‘press 1’ to talk to a live agent. This helps close 5x sales and saves time.

Reduce Call Abandonment Rate

Figure out what part of your campaign isn’t working and cut down the call abandonment rate and average call time by optimizing your campaign based on the 24/7 metrics available to all call center agents and business managers.

Powerful Crm Integration

Our Portals and online dashboards are easy to navigate and learn. New agents can master the ropes in no time and monitor their progress online. They can also access user data, important details and all the tools they need to provide better customer satisfaction and easily close a sale.

Take Your Business Revenue To The Next Level

TCPA Compliant Automatic Dialing Solution

Our auto dialers are TCPA compliant and can dial more than 100 calls per hour, per agent(agents are connected to live contacts only).

Our technical support agents are always there for your support. Get a complete demonstration of our systems, portal (CRM) and receive all the technical assistance you need to get started. Go to our demo page for more information.